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By administrator
July 15, 2011
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Did you know that any blood in your urine is a sign of something wrong?  Causes of hematuria could be a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, interstitial cystitis, or a urologic cancer originating somewhere in the urinary tract.    Any sign of any blood, even the slightest, should be checked out by a urologist.   Tests may include a urinalysis and culture to rule out any infection.  If that is negative, then a cystoscopy could be done to check the inside of the bladder.  Also imaging studies, such as CT scans, or an IVP may be warranted to check the entire urinary tract for any tumors.   If any tumor is found a biopsy would be done.   Based on the diagnostic testing, a tratment plan would be put together.  Bladder and kidney tumors, if found and treated early, are very manageable and the prognosis is very good.