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What is a Vasectomy Reversal?Care Credit Button

A vasectomy reversal is a microsurgical procedure performed by a urologic surgeon to reverse sterility caused by a vasectomy. Statistics tell us that of the half million men that opt for a vasectomy each year, approximately 5-10% of them find themselves wanting to have children later in life.  A vasectomy reversal technique involves reconnecting the cut ends of the vas deferens (the small tubes that carry sperm from the man's testicles).  The rejoined vas deferens once again become a passageway for sperm allowing a pregnancy to be accomplished.

Dr. Gardilcic performs the vasovasostomy in the comfort and convenience of our own office under IV sedation.  Your initial consultation, after scheduling surgery, goes towards the cost of the surgery.  Below are some testimonials of patients who have undergone, and successfully attained a pregnancy after having surgery here.   For more information and a complete cost estimate, please call or email us. 

Baby Picture

Dr. Gardilcic & Staff ,  Thank you for your excellent care during my vasectomy reversal.  You and your staff are very compassionate and professional.  I felt that you and your staff truly were the absolute best in the world.  Best of all on April 7, my wife and I were blessed with a wonderful baby boy.  Fourteen years after I had a vasectomy and only a few months after the reversal.  You helped us bring this new life into our family and we couldn't have done it without you.      ...  Riley

Baby 2

When my husband and I first met we never dreamed where our future would take us.  Having already had four children and feeling that his family was complete, he had a vasectomy performed in April, 2000- long before we ever met.  I, on the other hand had not yet had a baby and wanted to have at least one child of my own.  We decided to move forward with having his vasectomy reversed - a procedure that comes with no guarantee of success.  We found Dr. Gardilcic in August 2002 and the reversal was performed - two years and four months after the vasectomy itself had been performed.  We both found Dr. Gardilcic and his entire staff to be wonderful to work with.  They showed great concern and went out of their way to help us.  We were told that it could take anywhere from six months to a year, if not longer, before the outcome of the reversal might be known - before a possible pregnancy might be achieved.  We can tell you from personal experience that each month that passes without success seems like a year in itself.  But, five months after the surgery, we got the good news - I was pregnant!  We were going to have a baby!   He is due October 19.  We are both ecstatic and very grateful.  Without Dr. Gardilcic's skill who knows what the outcome might have been.  We have only the best regards for the doctor and his staff, and we would recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone else in need of his specialized services.    Matt & Amy