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A vasectomy is done when a man has decided not to have any more, or any, children.  This is a considered a permanent solution for sterility for men.   A very good explanation is given on the link below.

Vasectomy Explanation

 Although a vasectomy reversal can be done for a patient who changes his mind later in life, there are no guarantees that a reversal will work.  So, you should only decide to have a vasectomy for birth control if you are absolutely certain that you want a permanent solution.

We do the vasectomy right in the comfort of our office.  You will come for an original consultation and we will go over the procedure, you will sign an informed consent and then we will schedule your procedure.  Many times, the vasectomy is done just under a local anesthetic.  This procedure can be done very comfortably under  local anesthesia.   But, some patients prefer IV anesthesia.  We have the capabilities of doing that in our office, also.  

Many men have the procedure on a Friday and are back on light duty work on Monday.   Returning to work depends on your work duties. 

Call us for a consultation appointment today.  Most insurances pay for this procedure.  If yours does not, there is financing available through CareCredit with 0% interest for a period of time.  Click on the link above for more information on payment plans.